(almost everything you've ever wanted to know about us)

What LBC?

Ladies' Bike Club /WIMA Finland ry, better known in Finland as just LBC, was founded in May 1993. LBC is a national motorcycle club for only women! LBC is a member of the international club, WIMA (Women's International Motorcycle Association) and of the Finnish motorist association SMOTO (Suomen Motoristit ry). In international contacts we call ourselves WIMA Finland. LBC is also in Facebook.

Why WIMA Finland?

Wima Finland offers for all the girls and women interested in motorcycling to do interesting things together, both in Finland and abroad. At the beginning of the year 2019 there were about 260 members in WIMA Finland from all around the country.

The members of the club can participate in all the events of the club (rallies, ride training, weekly rides, winter meetings  etc.) and also international WIMA meetings, are members of SMOTO and so get the benefits of the major mc-union of the country (some discounts, too), plus some discounts WIMA Finland has separately negotiated from mc-accessory shops etc.

You can find the SMOTO member benefits in SMOTO site. When utilizing the SMOTO benefit you need to show a club membership card with an SMOTO logo or SMOTO membership card. Different ship companies and other companies may have a booking reference for SMOTO benefit. They should be checked from the SMOTO site before booking.

What is LBC for?

The club members organize meetings around motorbikes. In winter time we meet in-doors, in summer time we have weekly rides and club rally, for example. The club members also participate rallies around Finland. Via LBC you will be able to contact motorcycling women all over Finland.

How to be member and what is the cost?

You can find the guidance how to be a member in the Join LBC page. There is also the member fee.

Where is WIMA Finland?

The club is national and it has no "base". The majority of the members do live in the biggest cities, especially in the capital area, but there is a lot of action in other parts of the country, too. Any district is free to come out with their own areal events as well - nowadays there are local weekly rides and winter meetings in Kemi, Oulu, Vaasa, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Kuopio, Kouvola, Lappeenranta and Helsinki. See the area contacts in the Contact page. Some information about the area actions you can read in the Regional events page.

Club rules

The club has official rules. Unfortunately they are written in Finnish only.


LBC is a member of Wima since 1997. For information of WIMA, check for the WIMA International site. LBC is called Wima Finland internationally.

Wima organizes a rally yearly in Europe. The Wima rally has been four times in Finland. The first was in Pihtipudas in 1973. The second time was in 2000 in Iisalmi that was 50th anniversary rally of Wima. In the year 2008 the Wima rally was in Ristiina, it was called "Historic Saimaa". Year 2018 rally was in Parainen. 

The coming Wima rallies in Europe:

  • 2019 Great Britain
  • 2020 Malesia (March) and German (July)