Members of LBC have been organizing weekly rides several years in different areas. Weekly ride is traditionally a ride of 50-150 km which has been pre-planned by one of our members. The ride is ridden with a bunch of ladies in some evening during the week. The speed and the length of the ride depend also on the experience of those attending and the weather conditions. Usually the end the ride is in a cafe or a gas station to give the ladies the opportunity to chat about bikes and everything else.

The area contacts are to be found in the LBC Contact Information page. You can arrange a weekly ride if your area does not have any. The forum and Facebook are places to get contact to other lady bikers. You should always check the date, time and place of the weekly ride in the forum and area Facebook group.

Winter meetings

In winter time LBC members organize indoor meetings in bigger cities and towns. More information about timetable and places are to be found in the forum and area Facebook group.

The winter meeting in the restaurant Texas, Helsinki, March 2009.