Members' only pages

When you join to Ladies' Bike Club you will get a user name and a password to Members' only pages. The password is changed each year after the due date of the fee bill. This is the way only members can read the pages. If you happen to forget the password or the user name please contact the Membership register manager, jasenrekisteri(at) Webmaster doesn't know who the members are. That's why she doesn't tell the user name or the password.

LBC forum

Ladies' Bike Club has a forum. Anyone can register to be the forum user. When registering to forum the person defines the user name and the password for the forum use. They are different from the Members' only user name and password.

If you happen to forget the forum password you can ask a new one by using Forget my password link (Unohdin salasanani). If you have forgot both user name and password then you have to contact webmaster, webmaster(at) She may be able to find out them to you.

In the LBC forum there are areas for members' only, too. Have a look to a guide how as an LBC member you can read them.