Trip to Tallinn 13. - 14.10.2007

Annual trip to Tallinn started early Saturday morning on 13th of October 2007. Or actually for Lennu and me, it started already on Friday evening when we drove to Helsinki. It would be nicer to go to the harbour in the morning after a nice full night sleep and luxury breakfast at the hotel than start driving at 4 am towards Helsinki from Tampere.

There were 10 of us WIMA Finland members, all looked a bit tired but I suppose that’s normal at 7 am! Some got coffee; others ate their breakfast on the boat. Claudia, Pirjo and I had a meeting discussing about WIMA 2008 rally. I have no skills in German language so Claudia was an enormous help with the translations! Fortunately there was almost no wind so the 2,5 hour trip was easy or then it was just the travel sickness tablet I took before the trip.

Saturday was reserved for shopping! Our hotel was located in centre so everything was close. Since there were so many beauty parlors we decided that we deserve a manicure. Of course one reason to get it was also the price; all these treatments are so much more cheaper here than in Finland. Lennu wanted to check some interior design stuff but there was nothing she liked. We stopped by to have a luxury coffee at the square. I have this funny thing, I love to sit at a coffee shop and just watch people go by, it was very nice. Even the weather was nicer than in Helsinki.

siiderit   kynnet  

In the evening WIMA Estonia had reserved a sauna for us at Hades, a new rock club in Tallinn. Other girls went ahead and there was some confusion with towels. Pirjo called me and asked me to bring 6 bath towels along from the hotel and of course I asked the reception if they could borrow them for the evening. While the receptionist was getting them Pirjo called again and cancelled! I was a bit embarrassed because the 6 towels were already being packed for us to take along…

Taxi didn’t know the way but fortunately Lennu had a map with her. Hades was so new and a little bit away from the centre so it took us awhile to get there. But it was great! The atmosphere was hard rock and beer was cheap, a big jug (maybe 2 liters) cost 70 krone, that’s about 5€!!! After sauna we had a big table reserved for us for dinner. And food was so good and cheap too! Afterwards WIMA Estonia girls had a surprise for us, they had presents for all Finnish guests! It was a so-called friend mug with some healing for the day-after (tee+liquer). We were totally surprised, only thing was that we didn’t have anything in return for the girls.

Here’s the whole gang!

After some time of chatting and laughing and photos we took off to Woodstock. Kaija arranged us big taxis and of course the driver, Talis, was a motorcyclist.

Kaija and Selve told us that Woodstock bar was exactly the place where the bombings some months earlier had happened. Everything inside was burned while people were hiding at the cellar. Nobody died but the situation had been extremely dangerous. And everything over a statue! Some people are just incomprehensible. We had fun though :)

The rest of the evening is a bit blur but I know that we had a really good time!

Sunday morning. Uhh, I would have loved to stay in bed but breakfast at the hotel doesn’t wait for one guest, you either get up and go for breakfast or you don’t eat. After the breakfast we had full-body treatments reserved at a beauty spa. It was heavenly, first a scrub made with sugar and then a wonderful relaxing massage. I think the day-after(s) would be so much easier if you just could afford to get a massage in the next day. Return trip was uneventful except all the laughing :)

Thank you, WIMA Estonia, it was so nice to see you all again!


With hugs, Ninnair